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Earth Unity Music is an independent record label.

The company was set up to record, produce, promote and distribute the albums of FreeSound , high-energy versatile band with great musicianship and vocals. Rock, blues, blues rock, jam rock, soul rock, psychedelic rock and roots reggae are just a few of the many genres they reach.

Our focus is to find those hard-working independent artists who have as yet been overlooked, and who are trying to make a difference in the world, to bring people together with their music.

We have since expanded the roster to include international reggae artist Clinton Fearon .

Catalog listing of albums and song titles Go to the Catalog page for a full list of the albums and song titles of our artists.
Also from there you can link to the lyrics, Song Feelings and Subjects of the various songs.
The artist's CDs will soon be available on as well as by download from I-Tunes and other online sites

Ordering albums:

FreeSound's newest albums, "Roots Is" and new rock album "Freesound" (with cover art by Dan Katra, whose mentor is the renown Stanley Mouse of the psychedelic 60's poster art fame) are available online at I-Tunes and major music online sites. Also Clinton Fearon was a featured artist on I-Tunes with "Give and Take"

Click here to order from I-Tunes

Roots Is...eclectic album

and Freesound Rock album

Sky Crow's "Gypsy Trails" album

Dulce Records LLC of Florida has signed a licensing deal with Earth Unity Publishing LLC for distribution online of FreeSound's 4 albums including "Roots Is..." and "FreeSound" rock as well as 6 albums by international reggae great Clinton Fearon including his highly acclaimed album "Give and Take" and albums "Mi an Mi Guitar" (solo acoustic), "Disturb the Devil", "Mystic Whisper" and "What A System" and his latest exciting new release "Vision".


Our label is in discussions about US distribution and is seeking distribution in Europe, Australia and Japan/ Asia.

Earth Unity is also in discussions for a national booking agency or agencies as well as a publicity agent for FreeSound to book and promote the tours in support of the album releases

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